• HIBUS® Series OPGW Trunnion


    • Stress relief bushing system
    • Aluminum clamp body with stainless steel captive securing bolts
    • Line angles up to 20°


The HIBUS Trunnion is designed to reduce the static and dynamic stress at the attachment point on all types of OPGW fiber cables without the use of protective rods. Eliminating the need for the rods was achieved by the use of a unique bushing system that allows the OPGW cable to better withstand the effects of aeolian vibration. Test results have proven its ability to provide superior protection for your fiber system. All of the hardware is captive except for attachment pin.

Test reports available include vibration test, slip test, ultimate strength, and angle test.

Clamp rated slip load at 20% of RBS for cables with less than 25,000 lbs breaking load. Contact AFL for slip rating on cables greater than 25,000 lbs RBS.



Installation Instructions

HIBUS Series OPGW Trunnion Instructions

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