AFL Expands Substation Portfolio with New Swage360? Split Elbow

AFL introduces the new Swage360™ Split Elbow for substation grounding applications. The Swage360 Split Elbow connects a cable or rod at a 90-degree angle to a main run and features a sliding channel for ease of installation. AFL’s full grounding product family is 3rd party tested and qualified to the IEEE837-2014 Standard.
Grounding accessories are installed in an underground grid layout before a substation is constructed and are designed to discharge the over-voltxages and fault current from overhead conductors or the electrical equipment to the ground.
AFL’s complete substation solution is available in swage, bolted, welded and standard compression fittings up to 765kV. Swage360 bus, cable and grounding accessories allow electric utilities to install accessories faster more efficiently and consistently without the need for a certified welder, in any weather condition.
AFL offers a complete line of accessories with superior performance and reliability for electric power utilities. With more than 100 years of design and manufacturing expertise, AFL’s products improve the performance of critical electrical and optical infrastructure used for the transmission and distribution of electricity.