What is the Shelf Life of Fiber Optic Connector Cleaners?

At AFL, we are often asked about the shelf life of fiber optic connector cleaners. This common question has a simple answer.

"Dry Cleaners" such as AFL’s One-Click® Cleaners, CLETOP and OPTIPOP-R reel cleaners, as well as CCT (Connector Cleaning Tips) and CLETOP cleaning sticks, consist of plastic base materials or cases and have a dry cleaning element. All of these are stable over time. Shelf life rating is not required and can be considered indefinite.

FCC2 Fiber Optic Cleaning Fluid is stored in leak proof non-aerosol spray (pump) cans. FCC2 is stable and has an indefinite shelf life when warehoused between the temperatures of 0° to 40°C (32° to 104°F).

AFL provides a wide range of cleaning product solutions for many fiber optic connector types and optical network access points. Pick the best solution for your network and environment without tracking the shelf life of cleaning products. Keep the focus on maintaining your network.

Remember: clean connectors = improved network performance! Learn more about our cleaning solutions.