Growing the Communications Cabling Infrastructure Market

How Our Next Generation of Fiber Optic Cable Can Help

As with everything, products change over time. Whether it be from innovative technology or someone in their basement stumbling upon the newest and greatest, breakthroughs happen all the time. Companies continuously work hard to keep up with their competitors. However, arguably the most important task is capturing the customer’s attention. Now that is always changing. 
See a pattern here? If you like the benefits that come with new and improved changes, AFL might have something for you. 
Advancements in technologies, materials and growth of bend-insensitive optical fibers have led to the next generation of high-performance fiber optic loose tube cable (OSP). AFL has developed a high-performance 600 lb rated micro-loose tube cable for the betterment of the communications market. 
What does this mean for me?
AFL understands the importance of saving money. However, we also want our customers to optimize their resources. So, we created a modern cable that is smaller and more durable, which will cut costs in several ways. 
To see a complete breakdown, check out how our OSP MicroCore® LMHD-Series Fiber Optic Cable compares to the bigger, traditional loose cables manufactured by other companies here.