AFL fiber optic products enable delivery of quad-play services in multiple dwelling / tenant units

AFL has decades of experience connecting multiple dwelling / tenant units (MDUs / MTUs) into Fiber-to-the-Premises (FTTP) networks. That expertise crosses a wide assortment of structures and conditions in all parts of the U.S. With a complete portfolio of MxU solutions, AFL delivers optimal fiber optic connectivity from a central point in the MxU to individual premises. We have a thorough understanding of fiber optics, coax/copper cable, network, design and how it all fits together.

Whether you have a new or existing structure, need active or passive fiber optic networks or require vertical or horizontal installation, AFL has the products to ensure FTTP networks reliably scale heights across multiple floors in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

With a reputation as a problem solver in the MxU space, AFL solutions enable you to offer technology as a premium service in your facility. As a division of Fujikura, one of the world's leading manufacturers of fiber optic cable, AFL has the know-how to solve your quad play (video, voice, data and security) requirements. And, as fiber experts, we have designed and developed supporting products and services all intended to solve any or all of your MxU challenges.

AFL provides components for passive infrastructure.

AFL MxU Product Solutions:

  • MDU Product Solutions
  • Custom Cabling
  • Panels
  • Connectors
  • Assemblies
  • Enclosures
  • Test and Inspection Equipment
  • Fusion Splicers

With a broad spectrum of products and solutions, it is no surprise that key industry leaders rely on AFL to design, develop and deliver end-to-end solutions for the MDU market.