Loss Testing

AFL offers an array of tough handheld loss testing solutions designed for outside plant use.  AFL optical power meters, light sources, and test kits are necessary tools for technicians working on fiber networks.

Featured Products

OPM5 Optical Power Meter is a versatile tool for testing all network types – FTTx/FTTh, LAN/WAN, Telco, CATV, etc. Designed tough for field use, the simple-to-operate software provides in unit file management for stored test data and fast USB transfer to PC. The included TRM® 2.0 Reporting PC Software provides full featured data management and pass/fail certification to industry standards.
The OLS4 Quad light source is an ideal field unit for technicians certifying both single-mode and multimode networks. Wave ID feature increases efficiency by reducing test times with simultaneous multiple wavelength tests over one fiber when using an AFL power meter such as OPM5 or OPM4.